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Keli Yerian

Keli Yerian profile picture
  • Title: Senior Lecturer
  • Additional Title: Director, Language Teaching Specialization MA Program
  • Phone: 541-346-4302
  • Office: 167 Straub Hall
  • Office Hours: Summer: To Be Determined
  • Affiliated Departments: American English Institute
  • Website: Website


Keli D. Yerian (PhD, MS Linguistics, Georgetown University) has been the Director of the LTS Program since 2010, and has been a researcher, teacher, and teacher educator in Linguistics and ESL/EFL for over 20 years. Her research interests are in language and interaction, most specifically in the use of gesture in both L1 and L2 speakers, as well as language teacher education, including the goals and experiences of L2 speakers in language teacher education programs. She has taught ESL/EFL in the US, Europe, and Africa, and has extensive experience teaching in both undergraduate and graduate university programs. Before joining the University of Oregon faculty in 2007, she taught graduate level courses and ran workshops for both students and teachers-in-training at Stanford University.

Recent publications:

  • Yerian, K. (2013). The Communicative Body in Women’s Self-Defense Courses. In Katz, M., Moving Ideas: Multimodal Learning in Communities and Schools. New York, Peter Lang.
  • Yerian, K. (2009). Using a Graphic Syllabus with Second Language Learners. The ORTESOL Journal. Vol. 27, 9-18.

Selected presentations:

  • “Non-Native (and Native) Speakers’ Attitudes toward their own Language Development within a Language Teaching MA Program” with Trish Pashby and Anna Mikhaylova. AAAL, Portland, OR, 2014.
  • “Making Microteaching Work” with Kodiak Atwood. TESOL, Portland, OR, 2014.
  • “Learners can Teach Pronunciation Too: Building Autonomy through Peer Instruction”. TESOL, Portland, OR, 2014.
  • “Reactive to Proactive: Teacher Mentoring in a Growing ESL Program” with Lara Ravitch, Laura Holland, and Britt Johnson. TESOL, Portland, OR, 2014.
  • “Pragmatic Gestures in International Teaching Assistant Interaction” with Robert Elliott. TESOL, Philadelphia, PA, 2012.
  • “Differences in Frequency of ‘Ring’ Gesture Use across Experienced and Inexperienced Speakers in Academic English Presentations”. International Society of Gesture Studies, Frankfurt an Oder, Germany, 2010.
  • “Designing Successful Practicum Experiences for NNS and NS MA Students” with Trish Pashby. TESOL, Boston, MA 2010.
  • “Using Inexpensive Video for Classroom Applications” with Robert Elliott. TESOL, Denver CO, 2009.
  • “Creating Dynamic Graphic Syllabi” TESOL, Denver CO, 2009.

LTS courses taught:

  • LING 440/540 (Linguistic Principles and 2nd Language Learning), LT 436/535 (Language Teaching Methods), LT 436/536 (Language Teaching Planning), LT 548 Curriculum and Materials Development, LT 608 Orientation, LT 608 Microteaching Workshop, LT 610 (Seminar: Pedagogical Grammar & Vocabulary), LT 611 (Terminal Project)