General Linguistic Track

There are two primary sorts of graduate advising in this Department: (1) with the Director of Graduate Studies, and (2) with one’s individual faculty advisor.

  • Director of Graduate Studies: The Director of Graduate Studies assists the student in keeping track of their progress through the formal requirements of the theorhetical program. You should see the Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) to review the details of your academic progress, to determine readiness to apply for the degree, and to secure departmental approval for any clarifications of, or exceptions to, departmental requirements. The principal DGS is Professor Eric Pederson.
  • Individual Faculty Advisor: Each student is assigned an individual faculty advisor as he or she enters the department. Typically, this individual is the faculty member who shares an interest in the areas you wish to study, and is committed to assisting you in meeting your academic goals. You should consider this individual your main Ph.D. advisor and the faculty member who will serve as chair of your dissertations committee, unless you decide to change to another advisor and this other individual agrees to serve. You should meet with your advisor regularly, certainly no less frequently than once a term, to discuss your academic plans and progress and to plan your schedule for the next academic term. Your advisor can support your work by helping you identify courses that complement your main lines of study and research, as well as by helping you identify faculty in other departments, both at UO and elsewhere, whose research and insights may prove valuable to your own intellectual development. You might also find the advice of this faculty member useful in tailoring our program to your individual interests and needs. Keep in mind, however, that formal departmental approval is needed for any variation in your degree program and that it is the Director of Graduate Studies who handles those approvals for the Department. Finally, you may readily change your individual faculty advisor as your interests and working relationships evolve during your time at UO. However, please inform the Director of Graduate Studies of any changes.

Advising and Review Practices

The faculty as a whole reviews the performance of each graduate student at the end of each academic term. The individual faculty advisor should discuss with you the results of that review. In the case that a student falls below what the faculty considers minimal standards of performance in the graduate program, the individual faculty advisor will work with the student to develop concrete plans to restore good academic standing.