This is a general application to the University of Oregon which includes the Linguistics Department application portion.

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Graduate Admissions – M.A. or Ph.D. Degrees:  General Linguistics Track

Questions:  Direct admissions questions to the Graduate Coordinator, at

A note to applicants: We encourage you to reach out to faculty members you are interested in working with. Applicants should visit our faculty research page to learn more about faculty research interests and areas of specialization. Contact information can be found on our department directory

PLEASE NOTE: Due to COVID19, we will not require GRE scores for the Fall 2023 application cycle. We are waiving this requirement for all applicants with a Fall 2023 start date. If you have previously taken the GRE and would like to submit your scores, you are welcome to do so.


A solid preparation in linguistics proper is an indispensable requirement for any further specialization at the graduate level, applied as well as theoretical. Although the faculty and courses deal with a wide variety of linguistic topics and issues, there are three facets of linguistics that are strongly emphasized in the graduate program:

  1. A empiricist approach to the study of language structure, variation and change and acquisition and learning.
  2. An empirical approach to the methodology of linguistics research, which includes live data and fieldwork, as well as experimental and cross-linguistic orientations.
  3. An interdisciplinary emphasis on the place of human language in a wider natural context.

Admission Requirements

Admission into the M.A. program assumes the completion of the equivalent of the University of Oregon B.A. in Linguistics. Students without a B.A. in Linguistics or its equivalent will be expected to complete the following courses within their first year: Introduction to Phonology (LING 550), Syntax and Semantics I (LING 551), and Syntax and Semantics II (LING 552). A grade of B or higher is required in these courses.

Applicants to the PhD. program must submit, along with the graduate application, a sample substantial research paper or M.A. thesis. Applicants who intend to pursue a PhD. should apply directly to the PhD. program. It is not necessary to complete the M.A. first. 

Application Deadline

The Fall term application deadline is December 1.  We will begin taking applications for Fall 2023 in early October. Most students should begin in the Fall term. It rarely makes academic sense for new students to begin in Winter or Spring term because of sequencing of required courses.

Application Materials

Graduate Admission Application

Transcripts: Official degree-awarded transcripts are required by the Office of the Registrar. All unofficial transcripts should be uploaded to your application for departmental review.

1)  Request from your University a set of official transcripts from all colleges or universities where you received or will receive a degree (Bachelor’s and subsequent degrees) be sent to:

Office of the Registrar
5257 University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403

Your file will not be considered complete until the transcripts are received by the Office of the Registrar. Electronic Transcripts: If your degree institutions offer official electronic copies sent by a secured provider (ie. National Student Clearinghouse, Parchment, Scrip Safe, etc) you may have them sent to directly from the institution. These are subject to review and verification of authenticity. We cannot accept PDF attachments sent via email. University of Oregon graduates need not send official transcripts of their degree.

2)  Upload copies of your transcripts from all colleges or universities you have attended (even those where you did not receive a degree) to the online application form (Slate). Please note transcripts for the department are uploaded to Slate and are not mailed to the department.

Transcripts from foreign countries should have an English version and also a certificate of degree attached. If you have not yet finished the degree at the time of application, send the most up-to-date transcripts available. If you are accepted and enroll at the UO as a graduate student, you will be required to show proof of your degree within the first two weeks of your first term. Please visit for further instructions on submitting official transcripts.


The GRE is required for all applicants. Neither the University of Oregon nor the Department of Linguistics sets a minimum requirement for GRE scores. The GRE code for Institution (University of Oregon) is 4846. We ask applicants to self-report GRE scores within the application AND send an official score report.

For information about the GRE, write Education Testing Service, 1974 Center Street, Berkeley, CA 94704, or Box 955, Princeton, NJ 08540 or call 1-800-537-3160 or visit website .

It takes five or six weeks for scores to reach the Linguistics Department, so be sure to take the exam in time for your scores to arrive before the application deadline.

A Statement of Purpose: The statement of purpose should include why you want to enter our specific program, what has prepared you to enter the program, and what you are planning to do once you have completed the program. It is usually 1 to 2 pages in length. Your statement of purpose can be uploaded to the online application.

Three letters of recommendation: Identify three persons familiar with your academic experience and your ability to carry out independent research. The online application requests contact information (name, position, institution, telephone number and email) for each recommender. Upon submission of your online application, each recommender will be notified via email and provided with instruction on how to respond. After submitting your application, an online checklist becomes available and you can monitor receipt of your letters. At least three letters of recommendation must be received by the application deadline of December 1st.

Writing Sample (required for PhD. applicants only):  Applicants to the PhD. program must submit a sample research paper (substantial term paper, research article, or M.A. thesis). There is no minimum length, but the sample should demonstrate applicant's ability for graduate level research. Your writing sample can be uploaded to the online application.

Fee: Application fee of $70.00 for domestic students or $90.00 for international students. Please visit for information regarding fee waivers.

Graduate Employment (Funding):  Graduate assistantships (teaching, research, and administrative) are known as GEs at the University of Oregon. GEs receive a monthly salary, tuition remission, fee subsidy, and health insurance. A limited number of positions are available to first year students. There is no formal application for a GE.  All incoming students are automatically considered for departmental support. Incoming graduate students for the PhD. program who are accepted with GE support are guaranteed a GE position throughout their first four years of the graduate program, providing that they continue to be in good standing and to be making timely process, as determined by the faculty, throughout that period. However, our resources are very limited and we have a limited number of positions available.  Therefore, we encourage applicants to investigate other possible sources of financial support.

Submission Instructions

Upload to the Online Application Form (Slate):

  • Statement of Purpose
  • Writing Sample (Ph.D. applicants only)
  • Unofficial transcripts from all universities or colleges attended

Send these documents to the Office of the Registrar:

  • Official transcripts from institutions where you received a degree

Request scores sent to Institution Code 4846 from ETS:

  • GRE Scores
  • Official TOEFL/IELTS score report (international applicants only)
    Please visit the Graduate School website for the most up to date information regarding language proficiency scores during COVID19.

Mailing Address for Office of the Registrar

Office of the Registrar
5257 University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403

Application Status

Applicants can track the progress of their admission material by accessing the University’s online application. When applying, make note of your login credentials (user name and password) for future reference. An application is not considered complete until all the materials have been received. A final decision will not be made until the application file is complete.