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Ninth Joint Meeting of Bulgarian and North American Scholars

University of Oregon, Eugene, OR

May 31-June 2, 2012

Erb Memorial Building (EMU)
(Updated 5/27/12)



Thurs., May 31


8:00     Registration (outside Fir Room)


9:00-9:15 Informal Welcoming Ceremony (and breakfast items): Fir Room

                        with welcome by Eric Pederson, Head, UO Department of Linguistics



9:15-10:45 Education Resources and Cultural Studies  (Chair: Cynthia Vakareliyska)


Liliana Simeonova (IBCT-BAS, Sofia) and Denver Graninger (ARCS, Sofia), “The ARCS as Facilitator of U.S.-Bulgarian Collaborative Research”


Traci Lindsey (UC Berkeley), “Western Values for Sale at the M-Center Mall”


Dilyana Ivanova (The Field Museum, Chicago),  “Historical Transformations and Public Entertainment: A Case Study of Urban Festivities in Bulgaria”


Panayot Karagyozov, Reneta Bozhankova, and Yuliyana Stoyanova (Sofia University), “Transnational Bulgarian Studies Research at Sofia University: Opportunities and Perspectives for Development” (read by Margaret Dimitrova)



10:45-11:00    Break with refreshments (Fir Room)



11:00-12:45 Ethnic Studies (chair: Anisava Miltenova)


Mila Maeva (BAS IEFEM, Sofia), “Migration and Mobility of the Turkish Population in Historical and Contemporary Context”


Mónica Ibáñez Angulo (University of Burgos, Spain), “Bulgarians in Spain: From Temporal Migration to Definitive Settlement”



12:45-2:00 Lunch

2:00-3:30 Folk Music (chair: Gregory Myers)


Martha Forsyth (independent scholar, Newton, Mass.), “Is That The Song, The Whole Song, and Nothing But The Song?”


Carol Silverman (University of Oregon), “Bulgarian Wedding Music: A Forty-Year Trajectory”


Gergana Panova-Tekath (BAS Institute of Art Studies, Sofia), and Timothy Rice (UCLA), “Bulgaria and the Western World: Intercultural Communication through Bulgarian Traditional Dances and Music”


Lozanka Peycheva (BAS IEFEM, Sofia), and Angela Rodel (UCLA), “Western Models, Bulgarian Music: Western Influences on Bulgarian Folk Singing” (read by Carol Silverman)


[refreshments available in Fir Room]



3:30-5:00 Contemporary Music (Gerlinger Hall) (chair: Detelina Dineva)


Eran Livni (Indiana University), “Musical Heterogeneity in Post-Socialist Bulgaria: Between ‘Corruptive’ Chalga and Culture of Democracy”


Claire Levy (BAS Institute of Art Studies, Sofia), “To New Orleans and Back: Black Music and the Rise of Ethno-Jazz in Bulgaria”


Kalin Kirilov (Towson University), “Modal Harmony in Bulgarian Choral Music: Analysis of Trend-Setting Obrabotki from the 1950s-1980s”


Anna Levy and Gregory Myers (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada), “Bulgaria’s Musical Unknown” (concert/lecture)



5:00-7:00 Reception, Gerlinger Hall


             Welcome by Judith R. Baskin, Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences,  University of Oregon

             piano music during reception performed by Anna Levy


Free evening




Fri., June 1


8:45-10:45A Literature and Art: Fir Room (chair: Roumiana Preshlenova)


Ivan Christov (BAS Institute for Literature, Sofia), “Reuben Markham: An American Influence in Bulgarian Modernism”


Alexander Yanakiev (BAS Institute for Art Studies, Sofia), “The Introduction of American Cartoons in Bulgaria”


Daniela Assenova (Uppsala University,  Sweden), “Bulgarian Nobel Prize Nominees in Literature: A Swedish/Scandinavian Perspective on Bulgarian Literature during 1901–1960”



8:45-10:45B  Medieval Manuscripts and Texts: Alsea Room

            (chair: Evguenia Davidova)


Margaret Dimitrova (Sofia University), “Comparing Hilandar Gospels”


Anissava Miltenova (BAS Institute of Literature, Sofia) and Andrej Bojadžiev (Sofia University),“An Electronic Edition of Medieval Slavic Texts of the Open Tradition”


Andrey Bobev (BAS Cyrillo-Methodian Research Center, Sofia), “The Greek Original of the Slavic Old Testament Lectionary: Some Text-Critical Problems”


Mariyana Tsibranska-Kostova (BAS Bulgarian Language Institute, Sofia), “The Bulgarian Cultural Legacy in 16th-Century Cyrillic Printing in Venice”



10:45-11:00  Break with refreshments



11:00-12:30  History I (chair: Catherin Rudin)


Frederick Chary (Indiana University Northwest), “C. L. Sulzberger and ‘Bulgarian Bashing’”


Roumiana Preshlenova (BAS Institute for Balkan Studies and Center for Thracology, Sofia),Floyd H. Black and the Bulgarians: A Notable Lesson in Tolerance and Dedication”


Elizabeth Hawthorne (independent scholar), “Elizabeth C. Clarke: Educator, Missionary, Citizen”


Richard Hall (Georgia Southwestern State University), “Stoyan Danev and the Balkan Wars 1912-1913” 



12:30-1:45  Lunch



1:45-3:15A  Linguistics I: Alsea Room (chair: Mariana Tsibranska-Kostova)


Dena Fehrenbacher (Harvard University) and Kate Maley (University of Iowa), “A Maple Tree from an Oak Stump”: On the Use of English by Bulgarian Youth”


Cynthia Vakareliyska (University of Oregon), “Ekšyn geroi i internet bankirane: Cognitive Factors Behind the             Adoption of the English Noun+Noun Construction into Bulgarian


Steven Franks (Indiana University), and Catherine Rudin (Wayne State University), “Syntactic and Typological Aspects of Universal Concessive Conditionals in Bulgarian”


John Leafgren (University of Arizona), “The Use of Passive Voice Constructions in Bulgarian”



1:45-3:15B  History II: Fir Room (chair: Liliana Simeonova)  


Evguenia Davidova (Portland State University), “Medical Practices among the Nineteenth-Century Bulgarian Merchants”


Vania Petrova Stoyanova (BAS Institute for Historical Studies, Sofia), “Bulgaria and USA at Peace and War (1939-1947)”


Detelina Dineva (BAS Institute for Historical Studies, Sofia), “The Initial Stages of Bulgaria’s Transition to Democracy and U.S. Policy”



3:15-3:30  Break with refreshments (Fir Room)



3:30-5:30  Linguistics II (Fir Room) (chair: Steven Franks)


Ivelina Tchizmarova ( Simon Fraser University, British Columbia, Canada), “Verticality and Metaphor: The Bulgarian Verbal Prefixes nad- and pod-


Kjetil Rå Hauge (University of Oslo, Norway), “The Bulgarian Appositional Discourse Marker de


Svetla Koeva (BAS, Bulgarian Language Institute, Sofia), “Natural Language Processing in Bulgaria” (read by Anisava Miltenova)

6:30-9:00 Banquet, Papé Room, Jordan Schnitzer Art Museum


            Welcome by Douglas Blandy, Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, University of Oregon


            Bulgarian Folk Music by Trio Slavei (Kalin Kirilov, Mark Levy, Carol Silverman, and friends)



Sat., June 2, 8:30-4:00 Excursion to Crater Lake: meet at Phoenix Inn