Courses and Sample Curriculum

Work in linguistics cultivates key intellectual abilities in our students: analytical skills, data analysis skills, reasoning and argumentation skills, and written and oral communication skills. A degree in linguistics prepares students for professions and/or further training in any number of areas that value these key intellectual abilities. Those who pursue degrees in linguistics frequently go on to pursue careers in teaching (e.g., foreign language or ESL teaching in the US or abroad), the high tech industry (e.g., software development and testing, speech analysis and synthesis), health sciences (e.g., speech-language pathology), or law.

The Department of Linguistics offers both a Major and a Minor in Linguistics as well as a Certificate Program in Second Language Learning and Teaching (SLAT). It is possible to pursue Honors in our department, and we encourage students to seek out opportunities to get involved in the on-going research conducted in the Department.

For more, see the Linguistic Society of America’s website: What is Linguistics? | Linguistics as a profession.