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2017-2018 course offerings

Subject to Change
As of: 3/7/2017


Course Title Fall Winter Spring
LING 101 Intro to Linguistics X    
LING 150 Structure English Words X X X
LING 199 Writing Systems of the World     X
LING 297 Bilingualism   X  
LING 201 Language and Power X    
LING 211 Languages of the World     X
LING 294 Child Language   X  
LING 296 Language & Society in US     X
LING 301 Intro to Linguistics Analysis X X X
LING 302 Intro to Linguistics Behavior   X X
LING 396 Language and Cognition     X
LING 399 Languages of Oregon   X  
LING 407/507 Seminars 1 class 2-3 classes 2-3 classes
LING 410/510 Special Topics: Corpus Linguistics X    
LING 411/511 Phonetics X    
LING 415/515 Semantics X    
LING 435/535 Morphology & Syntax X    
LING 444/544 2nd Language Acquisition X    
LING 450/550 Intro to Phonology   X  
LING 451/551 Functional Syntax I   X  
LING 452/552 Functional Syntax II     X
LING 460/560 Historical and Comparative Linguistics     X
LING 491/591 Sociolinguistics   X  
LING 494/594 English Grammar   X  
LING 608 Wkshop: Lang Descrip/Revitalization X X X
LING 608 Wkshop: Cognitive Linguistics X X X
LING 608 Wkshop: Graduate Orientation X    
LING 615 Linguistics Theory: Syntax   X  
LING 616 Linguistics Theory: Semantics     X
LING 617 Field Methods I X    
LING 618 Field Methods II   X  
LING 619 Field Methods III     X
LING 660 Historical Syntax X    



Course Title Fall Winter Spring
LT 4/526 Teaching Eng Culture/Language X    
LT 4/535 2nd Lang Teaching Methods   X  
LT 4/536 2nd Lang Teaching Planning X    
LT 4/537 2ND Lang Teaching Practice X   X
LT 4/541 Teaching English Pronunciation   X X
LT 4/548 Curriculum & Materials Development   X  
LT 4/549 Testing & Assessment     X
LT 608 Wrkshop: CALL X    
LT 608 Wrkshop: Microteaching     X
LT 608 Wrkshop: LTS Orientation X    
LT 610 Topic TBD   X  
LT 611 Masters Project X   X



Course Title Fall Winter Spring
LING 199 Sahaptin I X X X
LING 199 Sahaptin II X X X


First Year Swahili X X X


Second Year Swahili X X X


Third Year Swahili X X X