Diversity and Inclusion

In an effort to address the current climate in our country during the summer of 2020, the Department of Linguistics Diversity Committee issues the following statement on racial justice:

LING Racial Justice Statement


The Department of Linguistics at the University of Oregon embraces all people because we value diversity of thought and experience. This is an intellectual impulse as much as a social one. Diversity of thought and experience entails diversity of racial-ethnic background and gender identity; it also entails diversity in social-economic circumstances, inter-personal and familial histories, and the idiosyncratic wiring of individual brains. As a community, we seek to sustain a departmental atmosphere that is inclusive, equitable, and open-minded; to recruit, train, and retain undergraduate and graduate students from diverse and minoritized backgrounds. The department also encourages research and teaching that broadens our understanding of language, culture, and society. We also engage in outreach to increase awareness and understanding of diversity in the linguistic domain with an emphasis on indigenous and minoritized languages and dialects.

Diversity Action Plan