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Welcome to graduate studies at the Linguistics Department at the University of Oregon.

The M.A. and Ph.D. program in General LinguisticsĀ is individually tailored to the needs and professional goals of the student. The program grounds its theory with strong empirical research, both in the laboratory as well as in field settings. We have particular strengths in descriptive linguistics and language revitalization, historical/typological/areal linguistics, second language acquisition and teaching, laboratory-based phonetics/phonology/prosody/morphology/grammar, gesture studies, sociolinguistics and work with corpora.

For information about the types of specializations of the faculty, please read through the faculty research page.

Our Language Teaching Specialization M.A. program is especially for those interested in a career in language teaching (English or other languages). For information about this program click here.

Prospective students:

Incoming students in General Linguistics:

Current students: