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Graduate Travel Research Awards.
The department awards travel research monies to graduate students in the research track to support researach and conference presentations throughout the world.  The number of awards vary each year based on viability of funds.  Maximum awards are (1) $300 to West Coast , (2) $450 to elsewhere in US, (3) $600 for travel international.

Jacqueline Schachter Outstanding Conference Presentation Award.
Due to Professor Schachter’s generosity part of her estate was bequeathed to fund Linguistics graduate students’ studies.  The Outstanding Conference Presentation award is awarded anually during the department spring graduation ceremony to one or two graduate students for conference presentations given in the preceding year.  The award is $1,000 per selected student.
2013.  Ying Chen
2014.  Becky Paterson
2015.  Zara Harmon and Prakaiwan Vajrabhaya
2016.  Manuel Otero and Amos Teo

CAPS will administer the US Department of Education Academic Year and Summer Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) fellowships in East Asian Studies. These fellowships cover tuition and fees and provide a living stipend. They are open to UO students who are US citizens and permanent residents studying Chinese, Japanese, and Korean in conjunction with area/international studies.  Academic Year $15,000 living stipend plus tuition and mandatory fees.  Summer $2,500 living stipend plus tuition and mandatory fees.  Deadline for both academic year 2016-17 and summer is to be announced.  For more information visit their website
Summer 2012 and 2011-12.  Julia Trippe


The Center on Diversity and Community (CoDaC), in conjunction with the Graduate School is accepting applications for the Graduate Summer Research Awards. These awards support the scholarly work of graduate students throughout the University. A total of 3 awards of $1,500 each are available for proposals. This award also includes a stipend of $250 for the faculty adviser of graduate summer research award recipients. These awards will be given to support research projects on issues that intersect CoDaC’s mission of “promoting research and best practices on issues of cultural diversity, equity, and access.”

The CoDaC Research Award recipients and their faculty adviser will be expected to meet twice with the CoDaC research team —one meeting in Spring term and the second meeting in Fall. These meetings are designed to provide research support for award recipients. The Summer Research Award recipients are expected to present their research at the Graduate Research Fair held winter term.

For more information about the CoDaC Graduate Summer Research Awards, visit their website

Research Grants for Graduate Students.  
Available to UO graduate students, grants support research and creative work on topics related to women and gender.  The award amount is $2,500.   For more information visit their website

Jane Grant Dissertation Fellowship. This prestigious fellowship, honoring the wife of CSWS’s benefactor, William Harris, will be given to an outstanding scholar at the doctoral level. This fellowship is awarded to support dissertations on women and gender from a range of disciplines. Only UO graduate students who have been advanced to candidacy (or will be by the date of the award) are eligible to be considered for this fellowship of $12,000.  Application deadline is to be announced. For more information visit their website at

The College of Arts and Sciences offers several graduate fellowships for continuing students.  Below is a summary of the awards available to Linguistics graduate students.   For more information visit their website (includes application)

Mary Chambers Brockelbank Endowed Assistance Fund ($1,000-$2,000)
*Financial need

Norman Brown Graduate Fellowship ($4,000-$5,000)
*Academic merit

John L. and Naomi Luvaas Graduate Fellowship ($1,000-$2,000)
*Student must have resided in Oregon for at least 3 years

Everett D. Monte Scholarship ($1,000-$3,000)
*Financial need
2011-12  Julia Trippe
2010-11  Julia Trippe

Risa Palm Graduate Fellowship ($1,000)
*Promise for achievement in academic field
2013-14   Sara Pacchiarotti

Charles A. Reed Graduate Fellowship ($1,500-$2,500)
*PhD candidate -– describe your PhD research plans in your personal statement
*One recommendation should be from department head

College of Arts and Sciences Graduate Scholarship ($1,000-$2,000)
*Graduate student
*Academic Merit

The Graduate School fellowships and awards are offered annually.  For more information visit their website

Betty Foster McCue Scholarship.  $5,000 each to four doctoral candidates whose dissertation topics are released to issues of human development and performance.  Application deadline is to be announced.  Contact,  Graduate School, 541-346-5129.

Dan Kimball First Year Teaching Award. One $500 award for outstanding teaching performances by graduate teaching fellows (GTFs) in their first year of classroom experience. Application deadline is to be announced. Contact: Teaching Effectiveness program 541-346-2177.

Donald and Darel Stein Graduate Student Teaching Award. Award of $1,000 is available for one recipient who has demonstrated outstanding teaching performance as Graduate Teaching Fellows while at the same time excelling in their own academic program.  Eligible applicants will have at least 5 terms of experience as an instructor (sole instructor or lab/discussion leader). . Contact:   Graduate School, 541-346-5129.

Gary E. Smith Professional Development Award
.  Up to $3,000 award for up to five outstanding master’s or doctoral students pursuing academic, professional development or training enrichment opportunities during Summer 2013.  All students must be registered as full time students at the time of application and be returning as full time students in the Fall.  Application deadline is to be announced. Contact:  Graduate School 541-346-5129.

Margaret McBride Lehrman Fellowship.  $9,000 award (and tuition waiver for a non-GTF recipient) will be made to a graduate student with financial need who is pursuing studies that emphasize communication, particularly through writing. Application deadline is to be announced. Contact:  Graduate School 541-346-5129.

Margaret Wiese Graduate Research Award.  Up to two $500 awards to support graduate student research (i.e. travel, materials, archival or field research) related to preserving the culture, language and/or artifacts of northwestern Native Americans.  Application deadline is to be announced.  Contact:  Graduate School, 541-346-5129.

OUS-Sylff Graduate Fellowships for International Research.  Funded through OUS by the Nippon Foundation of Tokyo to nurture leaders who will transcend geopolitical, religious, ethnic, and cultural boundaries in the world community for the peace and well-being of humankind. Fellowship stipends are awarded for one year of full-time graduate work involving research and scholarly endeavors in programs and projects with an international dimension.  Application deadline is to be announced.  Contact: , Graduate School, 541-346-5129.

Southeast Asian Studies Award.  Up to two $2,500 awards designed to encourage graduate research about Southeast Asia.  Award may be requested for educational expenses, including tuition supplements, travel, equipment purchase, books and supplies, and other education needs.  Application deadline is to be announced. Contact:  Graduate School,  541-346-5129.

University of Oregon Doctoral Research Fellowships. Each department nominates one student who will be in the final year of doctoral work.  $18,000 stipend plus tuition waiver for dissertation students.   Contact:  Graduate School 541-346-5129.
2016-17.  Sara Pacchiarotti

UO Public Impact Graduate Fellowship.  Fellowship will provide up to one master’s level and two doctoral-level recipients with a stipend of $6,000 for the 2016-17 academic year and the opportunity to participate in research advocacy workshop for graduate students and faculty.  Application deadline is to be announced. Contact: Graduate School 541-346-5129.

Oregon Humanities Center Graduate Fellowships
For more information about the Oregon Humanities Center Graduate Fellowships, visit their website
Spring 2013.  Linda Konnerth.  Dissertation Fellows Award.