Field Training

July 6 - 30, 2010

* Uyghur (Turkic)
Instructor: Arienne Dwyer (University of Kansas)

* Northern Paiute (Uto-Aztecan)
Instructor: Tim Thornes (University of Central Arkansas)

* Wapishana (Arawakan)
Instructor: Sergio Meira

Course information
The course in Field Training will be a four-week course based on the idea of a traditional doctoral course in field methods. It will differ from field methods in being intensive, with multiple linguistic consultants per language, and will directly build off the technological skills taught in the workshops.

We will limit each section of Field Training to ten students. We anticipate offering three sections of Field Training simultaneously depending on student demand, with each section working on a different language.


Participants in the Field Training course should have completed, at a minimum, one university-level course in phonetics/phonology and one university-level course in morphology/syntax, or the equivalent. It is expected that most participants will have had training beyond this level. Applicants who are actively involved in fieldwork and documentation or can demonstrate a clear intention to undertake linguistic fieldwork or documentation will be given priority.

Students enrolled in Field Training will be required to attend the InField workshops as well, as the course will draw directly on the workshop curriculum. We particularly encourage Field Training students to take Audio Recording, Video Recording, and Blurring the Lines.

Field Training will be a University of Oregon course, worth 8 ungraded (pass/no-pass) credits: Ling 408 for students who do not yet hold the BA, LING 608 for postgraduates.  Students enrolled in Field Training may request a UO transcript to prove to other universities that they have earned the credit.  Students who need a more formal assessment of their work, with equivalents to letter grades, may request this of their instructor.


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