Welcome to InField 2010!

ANNOUNCING:  InField 2010 Application - NOW AVAILABLE!  Please go to our Registration Page and download the application.

InField 2010 is an opportunity for linguists, language activists, language teachers and members of minority language communities to receive linguistics field training on a variety of topics that are relevant to language documentation, maintenance, and revitalization.


InField Workshops
InField workshops will happen between June 21 and July 2. Workshop descriptions can be found here and the schedule can be found here. During the two weeks of workshops, participants will have the option of attending class sessions of the Northwest Indian Language Institute (NILI).

NILI Summer Institute
NILI’s Summer 2010 Institute will also happen from June 21 to July 2 and will offer classes on a range of issues related to language preservation, language teaching, and language revitalization. Attendees of NILI’s Summer Institute will also be able to participate in InField workshops.

Symposium and Conferences
Together, InField and NILI will four conferences the weekend of June 25-27. The largest of these will be the 17th Stabilizing Indigenous Languages Symposium (SILS); more information on the symposium can be found here at NILI’s website. The other three conferences will be focused on the linguistics of specific language families: The Athabascan/Dene Languages Conference, the 45th International Conference on Salish and Neighboring Languages, and the Hokan-Penutian Languages Conference.

Laboratory Week
For those who would like to take some time to put their new technological skills to use with technical support on hand, for the week of July 5-9, we will offer a space with someone on hand to help. There is no extra cost for this week beyond your living expenses.

Field Training

We will offer at least three sections of an official university course entitled Language Documentation Methods and Practices. The class will run from July 5-30 (4 weeks), and students will earn 8 hours of either undergraduate credit (LING 408) or graduate credit (LING 608). We will handle the details of registration and payment for these courses on the first days of the workshops, June 21-22.