Beth Bryson

Course days, time, and location:
6/28, 6/29, 6/30, & 7/1
3:30 - 5:15
Knight Library, Proctor Room 42

Course Information:
FieldWorks Language Explorer (FLEx) is a linguistic database for lexicographical and text data collection and analysis.  In this workshop, we will cover entering texts, adding words to a lexicon  directly and by means of glossing text, adding additional information to lexicon entries, linking audio or picture files to words or sentences, sorting/filtering/bulk editing entries, printing out interlinear text, exporting a dictionary for printing via collateral tools such as LexiquePro or Pathway.  We will briefly discuss import from Toolbox data, collaborating with other users of FLEx or WeSay by means of LIFT, and collecting words according to a semantic domain template.

Instructor(s) Bio:
Beth Bryson will be facilitating the workshop.  She is a Computational Linguist with SIL International, where she helps linguists model their language data in FieldWorks Language Explorer (FLEx).  She has presented numerous FLEx workshops as well as helping users one-on-one.  She has taught multiple times at SIL training programs in Oregon, North Dakota, and Dallas.  Prior to joing SIL she received an A.M. in Linguistics from Stanford University and then worked for Inxight Software (a spinoff of Xerox) on their line of linguistic software.

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