Advanced Toolbox

Albert Bickford

Course days, time, and location:
6/29, 6/30, 7/1, & 7/2
10:00 - 11:45
Pacific, Room 111 (Online)

Course Information:
This workshop will be an opportunity for experienced Toolbox users to work together on their own projects while learning new techniques from other experienced users and from the facilitator.  Specific topics will be decided on by the participants themselves, based on their interests.  (This will be decided in the last couple months before the workshop based on who signs up by then.)  Possibilities include mass editing of Toolbox dictionary files, setting up text glossing for different needs and audiences, exporting data to XML, integrating with Lexique Pro, creating formatted output of dictionaries and interlinear texts, organization of data corpora, using Unicode with Toolbox, use of Toolbox for comparative dictionaries, etc.

Course Documents:
Participant Questionnaire  
How we can work remotely  
Workshop PowerPoint  

MDF Documentation:
Making Dictionaries textbook: full instructions on using MDF  
MDFields.typ: Put this in your settings folder, to enable you to open MDFields19a.txt in Toolbox  
MDFields19a.txt: Put this in the same folder with your data, then open it in Toolbox

Instructor(s) Bio:
Albert Bickford will be facilitating the workshop.  He earned a PhD in linguistics from UCSD in 1987, and has worked with SIL ever since.  Most of his responsibilities have been consulting with fieldworkers in SIL's Mexico program, overseeing publication of grammars, dictionaries, and other linguistic publications in print and on SIL's website ( and teaching at the SIL program on the campus of the University of North Dakota (, which he has directed since 2004. He has presented workshops on Toolbox at the LSA Summer Institute in 2007 and Infield in 2008.

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