Language and Culture

The Department of Linguistics is pleased to house Swahili and Ichishkíin langauge courses. 


Please note: Due to COVID19, the Department of Linguistics will not be paricipating in Study Abroad in Zanzibar this coming year. Students interested in study abroad opportunities should visit the Department of Global Engagement page to view all current study abroad programs. We highly encourage students to familarize themselves with the #nopassportneeded program, also hosted by the Department of Global Engagement.


Study in Zanzibar

Earn a year’s worth of instruction (up to 16 UO credits) in a near-total immersive environment in Zanzibar in the Summer every year. All levels of Swahili are accommodated – you do not need prior Swahili experience to enroll!

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Zanzibar is an island off of the coast of Tanzania, and students will stay in the city of stone town. During this summer program, students will be learning Swahili at the State University of Zanzibar, while also immersing themselves in the culture and daily life of Zanzibar and enjoying the stunning beauty of the island.

There will be excursions around the island to visit the beaches, historical ruins and the other famous historical sites that the island has to offer. During weekends students have a chance to  explore the island more on their own, including doing a research project if needed. This 8-week program will feature many exciting activities including a mid-term break where students will have the chance to do something fun on their own!

Applications are open in the Fall and the final deadline is usually by March 1st of every academic year, winter term. Book your place now and make an appointment to see a Study Abroad specialist about budgets and ways to fund your incredible study abroad experience.