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Rosa Vallejos Yopan, Ph.D.

Rosa Vallejos Yopan completed her Ph.D. December 2010.  Her dissertation, “A Grammar of Kokama-Kokamilla” was completed under the direction of her advisor, Spike Gildea.  At the summer meeting of the Association for Linguistic Typoplogy in Hong Kong it was announced that her dissertation was singled out for Honorable Mention for the 2011 Panini Award, given for outstanding typological studies and reference grammars by young scholars.  During Fall 2012, her dissertation was selected to win the 2011 Mary Haas Award for the Society for the STudy of Indigenous Languages of the Americas.    Dr. Vallejos Yopan received a National Science Foundation award on the historical connections between Kokama-Kokamilla and Omagua.  Starting Fall 2012 Dr. Vallejos Yopan is an assistant professor at the University of New Mexico with a joint appointment in Linguistics and Spanish and Portuguese.