Pre-Approved Electives


Any LING or LT course (200+ level) 

Approved Interdisciplinary Electives
CHN 480 Chinese Linguistics
CHN 481 Pedagogical Grammar of Chinese
CHN 482 History of Chinese Language
EALL 440 Japanese and Korean Phonetics
EALL 441 Japanese and Korean Syntax
EALL 442 Second-Language Acquisition
EALL 443 Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Pedagogy
GLBL 434 Language Issues for International Studies
JPN 315 Introduction to Japanese Linguistics
KRN 315 Introduction to Korean Linguistics
PHIL 425 Philosophy of Language
PSY 440 Psycholinguistics
SPAN 324 Spanish Pronunciation and Phonetics
SPAN 322 Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics
SPAN 420 Spanish Linguistics
SPAN 424 History of Spanish Language
SPAN 428 Spanish in the United States


LING 407 Proseminar

CHN 407 (only if seminar in Chinese linguistics)
EALL 407 (only if seminar in East Asian linguistics)
KRN 407 (only if seminar in Korean linguistics)
JPN 407 (only if seminar in Japanese linguistics)
SPAN 407 (only if seminar in Spanish linguistics)
RL 407 (only if seminar in Romance Language linguistics)
Important note: even if a class is listed here, be sure to confirm with the Director of Undergraduate Studies (Dr. Melissa Baese-Berk) that the class will count for the proseminar requirement *before* you enroll in the class.