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Professional Distinction

College of Arts and Sciences, Professional Distinctions Program

Students in the Professional Distinctions Program add to their degree a set of skills and knowledge that complements the major in a distinctive way.  Participants develop a professional demeanor in career workshops, apply what they have learned in the classroom to internships and other participatory learning experiences, and profile and present their knowledge and accomplishments for prospective employers in electronic resumes.

Admission. To be admitted to the program, a student must have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.75 and 60 credits of completed course work.  Applicants must develop and propose a plan for earning a professional distinction.  Assistance with the application is available by e-mailing a request to

Preadmission Planning.  Prior to formal admission, students may begin planning for a professional distinction and propose a preliminary plan to integrate general education, major, and professional distinction requirements.

Required Elements
1.  Program Proposal.  Each student creates content and coherence for an individualized program in a proposal, written interactively online at the program’s website.

 2.  Area of Concentration.  A focused set of academic skills achieved through 16 credits of upper-division course work or completion of a minor or second major.

 3.  Internship.  Participants complete an internship that entails at least 100 hours of experience.

 4.  Career Workshops.  Students hone their skills in these workshops led by local employers and staff members of the UO Career Center.

 5.  UO Professional Resume.  Each student presents his or her abilities to prospective employers in a professional resume.

 Recognition.  Upon completion of program requirements, the student receives a professional distinction certificate, signed by the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.