Eric Pederson

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  • Title: Associate Professor
  • Additional Title: Director of Graduate Studies
  • Phone: 541-346-3900
  • Office: 375 Straub Hall
  • Office Hours: FALL Wednesdays 9:00-11:00AM
  • Affiliated Departments: American English Institute, Asian Studies
  • Interests: Semantic typology, gesture, psycholinguistics, Dravidian linguistics
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Specializations: Psycholinguistics, semantics, typology, anthropological linguistics, Dravidian languages

Ph.D. (Linguistics): University of California, Berkeley, 1991

Please note that as of July 2012, I am no longer the department head of Linguistics and the AEI. For Linguistics concerns, please contact Scott DeLancey ( and for AEI concerns, please contact Doris Payne (

E-mail: epederso AT uoregon DOT edu (no n in epederso)

Office Hours: Fall 2013 Mondays 14:00-15:00; Tuesdays 9:00-10:00; by appointment otherwise










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Ph.D.     (Linguistics)      University of California, Berkeley, November 1991

Thesis: “Subtle semantics: Universals in the polysemy of reflexive and causative constructions.”
(with E. Sweetser, G. Lakoff, D. Slobin)

M.A.      (Linguistics)      University of California, Berkeley, December 1985

Thesis: “Intensive and expressive language in White Hmong (Hmoob dawb).” (with J. Matisoff)

B.A.       (Linguistics)      University of California, Berkeley, June 1982