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Richard Griscom

Richard Griscom profile picture
  • Affiliation: student
  • Title: PhD Student
  • Additional Title: General Linguistics Program
  • Phone: None
  • Office: 264 Straub Hall
  • Office Hours: Spring: Monday 2ː00-4ː00
  • Adviser: Doris Payne
  • Interests: Nilo-Saharan, Morphosyntax, Language Documentation
  • Website: Website


My current work is focused on the documentation of Asimjeeg Datooga (Southern Nilotic, Tanzania), through a grant sponsored by the Endangered Languages Documentation Programme. Previously I have conducted original research on elements of diachronic syntax in the Luo (Western Nilotic) and Koman families and the phonology of Maa (Eastern Nilotic). 


If you are taking a class with me - or have in the past - and you have any questions, feel free to send me an email at the address listed above. My office hours for Fall 2017 are Tuesday 1:00-3:00 PM at Straub 264.


Fall 2017:

LING 101 (Discussion Section)


Previous Courses:

LING 101 Intro to Language (Discussion Section)

LING 150 WEB Structure of English Words

LING 150 Structure of English Words

LING 201 Language and Power (Lecture and Discussion Section)

LING 201 Language and Power (Lecture)

LING 494/594 English Grammar (Discussion Section)