Program Planning Reference (Fall 2020 or After)

Students pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Linguistics are able to easily tailor their coursework to their individual interest areas by taking advantage of our specialization requirement. The major consists of four required core classes that create a solid foundation in Linguistics; five "specialized" classes that best represent each student's desired focus in Linguistics; one elective course of choice; one seminar course of choice; and languages of choice. Additionally, the Linguistics department offers the Second Language Acquisition and Teaching (SLAT) certificate for students interested in language teaching in the US and abroad.

Students who enter the program as freshmen can take the required coursework over three or four years. This allows for a great deal of flexibility in planning so that the student can take advantage of options to pursue a second major, a minor, additional language study, study abroad, etc.

Transfer students and students changing their major to linguistics can complete the degree in linguistics within two years. Since a number of courses are taught only on an annual basis, care must be taken in planning a course of study so that the most efficient sequencing of courses is selected. Planning the program with the help of the undergraduate advisor is essential.

Three Year Plan        Two Year Plan

 Three Year Plan (with SLAT)         Two Year Plan (with SLAT)