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The Department of Linguistics at the University of Oregon has a strong commitment to empirically grounded research. We study the language that people actually produce, usually in the form of recordings, either from naturalistic settings or from carefully controlled experimental settings. Our main emphases are descriptive/typological work on lesser-known languages, historical work in syntax, semantics and phonology, work on the intersection of language, society, and culture, and cognitive/experimental linguistics. Our faculty and graduate students have worked on, or are working on languages from virtually all over the world. We also have a strong focus on Slavic linguistics.

Our research takes place in several labs on campus and in communities around the world. Please visit the individual faculty member and graduate student webpages for more information. Members of the department have lab spaces and lab groups housed both in Straub Hall and in the Millrace Building. See individual faculty members’ websites and the Spoken Language Research Laboratories website for links to individual labs.