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February 27, 2013

2012-2013 Colloquium Schedule

Oct. 5: Suzanne Kemmer and Michael Barlow, Rice University
Oct. 12: Natalia Caceres, University of Oregon
Oct. 19: Valeriaa Tretiask, Russian and East European Studies; and Danielle Barth, Linguistics; both from University of Oregon
Oct. 26: Scott DeLancey, University of Oregon
Nov. 2: Molly Babel, University of British Columbia
Nov. 9: Holly Lakey, University of Oregon
Nov. 16: Jaime Pena, University of Oregon

Jan. 18: Volya Kapatsinski, Amy Smolek, Matt Stave, University of Oregon
Jan. 25: None
Feb. 1: None
Feb. 8: Spike Gildea, University of Oregon
Feb. 15: Wook Kyung Choe, Melissa Redford, University of Oregon
Feb. 22: Claudia Holguin Mendoza, Department of Romance Languages, University of Oregon
Mar. 1: Kaori Idemaru, Lucien Brown, University of Oregon and
Bodo Winter, University of California at Merced, Sven Drawunder, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology
Mar. 8: Doris Payne, University of Oregon

Apr. 5: Tom Givon, University of Oregon
Topic:  On the intellectual roots of functionalism in linguistics
Apr. 12: Tom Payne, University of Oregon
Topic: Tense, aspect and a litle bit of Modality in Kinnauri (Tibeto-Burman)
Apr. 19: William Croft, University of New Mexico
Topic: World-class-based and construction-based approaches to language description
Apr. 26:Linda Konnerth, University of Oregon
     Topic: A tone system with a low fucntional load: The case of Karbi (Tibeto-Burman)
May 3:  Kyle Gorman, Center for Spoken Language Understanding at Oregon Health and Science University
    Topic: Why phonotactic knowledge is not just statistical inference
May 10: Sarah Cutfield, University of California at Berkeley
Topic: Demonstrative use in Dalabon interactions
May 17: Cynthia Vakareliyska, University of Oregon
Topic:  A Morphophonemic Constraint on ě–ȩ Vowel Representation in Bulgarian Church Slavonic Manuscripts of the XIII/XIVth Centuries 
May 24: Tae-Yeoub Jang, Hankuk University
Topic: Automtic scoring of Korean EFL learners’ pronunciatin using rhythm measures
May 31:  Anna Mikhaylova University of Oregon
  Topic: (Why) is the Imperfective difficult to acquire? Insights from comprehension of Russian aspectual information by English native speakers.