Posted: 05/01/2020
The Linguistics department offer our sincere congratulations to the Class of 2020! We feel honored to celebrate these amazing students and their achievements! Please view our list of graduates then scroll to the bottom to view a short video from our faculty to all our graduates. Doctor of...
Melissa Baese-Berk
Posted: 10/14/2019
The Department of Linguistics is very excited to announce Dr. Melissa Baese-Berk as the David M. and Nancy L. Petrone Faculty Scholar!
Posted: 10/03/2019
The Diversity Committee within the Department of Linguistics issues a statement on racial justice to address the country's climate in June, 2020. 
Posted: 09/24/2019
The American Committee of Slavists (ACS) serves to coordinate American participation in the International Congress of Slavists, an international meeting held every five years on a rotating basis in a West, East, or South Slavic venue.
Posted: 05/18/2019
NW Indian Language Institute grant will aid online courses
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