Minoring in Linguistics

The Department of Linguistics offers a minor in linguistics which gives the student both a grounding in the basics of linguistic analysis and the opportunity to pursue areas of special interest. The minor in linguistics requires a total of at least 28 credits in linguistics coursework, all of which must be taken on a graded basis. While it is assumed that students will take the courses in linguistic analysis listed below, under special circumstances substitutions are possible. Students should confer with the undergraduate advisor in order to secure permission to pursue an alternative program of study leading to the minor.

Minor Requirements

Course Work: 28 credit hours

The following courses are required:

LING 301Introduction to Linguistic Analysis4 Credits
LING 411Phonetics4 Credits
LING 435Morphology and Syntax4 Credits
LING 450Introduction to Phonology4 Credits
LING 451Functional Syntax I4 Credits


In addition, the minor requires two elective courses. The easiest way to meet the elective course requirement is to select two courses from the list of pre-approved elective courses. However, if you believe that another course that you want to take might have sufficient linguistics content to count as a Linguistics elective, BEFORE YOU TAKE THE COURSE, you should contact a Linguistics Undergraduate Advisor for pre-approval of the course as a linguistics elective. Courses can be approved after-the-fact (especially for study abroad courses), but the only way to ensure that a course will count is to get it approved before you take it.

Additional Requirements

Language Requirement

The language requirement for the minor is the same as the language requirement that is required for the Bachelor of Arts at the UO. See the UO Academic Policies; scroll down to the “Bachelor of Arts Requirements” for an explanation of the BA second language requirement.


All courses applied toward the minor in Linguistics must be taken on a graded basis.